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"Abandoned Spaceship Terminal" WIP 01 (Unreal Engine Environment Project for MA Final)

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Proposal, Concept, Story and Research
  • Year: Winter 2022 - Present

  • Responsibility: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Concept

  • Tool: Unreal Engine, Maya, Substance Painter, and Megascan

1. Proposal

This project aims to create a high-quality and realistic environment that conveys a narrative and to show various skills as an Environment Artist by including contrasting objects: manmade buildings and organic plants.

2. Concept and Story

I'm a big fan of 90s Japanese robot anime, so it is the biggest reason why I started this project! Since I'm from Japan, I have a lot of knowledge of Japanese architecture and nature which will help me create an authentic world. Also, I want to add my experience, culture, and background to make the scene personal.


"It has been 10 years since a massive earthquake struck Japan. The destruction is so vast, that the Japanese government has barely begun the recovery process. A hidden spaceship, once a place of coexistence for mankind and intelligent robots, was catastrophically damaged in the quake. Humans frantically escaped the terminal, leaving entryways and cargo bays open to the encroachment of the outside world. With the passing of time, dense flora has overtaken the terminal while the robots continue to exist in this conflicting environment. They live among the dogged trees, moss, and ceaseless germination."

Concept art by me on Photoshop

3. Research

I did a lot of research on the reference images, material features, and Japanese architecture.

For the modeling and lighting reference images, I went to take pictures of props, back alley structures, and wild plants in Downtown Savannah and the Fort Pulaski National Monument.

Modeling/Material/Plants References (@Downtown Savannah)

Modeling/Material/Plants References (@Downtown Savannah)

Other references of industrial buildings

Other references of Anime, film, and game

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