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The Matrix Mood Mashup

A Mood Mashup project based on a The Matrix scene. I chose a scene from The Matrix and created a mood match and two mood alternations. One alternation is The Matrix with green code, and the other is a dojo scene from Kung Fu Panda.

Responsibility: everything except characters (from Mixamo) 

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, and Nuke

< Mood Match >

The Matrix Moodmatch

Reference (The Matrix)

The Matrix original.jpg

< Mood Alternation 01 >


Reference (The matrix)

TheMatrix 02.jpg

< Mood Alternation 02 >


Reference: Fung Fu Panda

kungFuPanda 02.jpg

< Process >

STEP1: By using the original shot from the movie, I analized the perspective, color palette, and light soures in Photoshop. 

The Matrix 01.jpg

< Process >

STEP2: Model all the structures by using the original reference as the render camera's image plane, and then texture and light in Maya. 

TheMatrix_original_mayaScreanshot 01.JPG

STEP3: In Nuke, try to match the original reference as much as I can. Color correct, adjusting some details such as glow, visnette, and exposure by roto. 

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